Looking for help with something?

Maybe I can help, I am a experienced full stack technical architect and web developer with over ten years experience in a wide range of technologies and project scales at telecoms and media companies.

What can I help with?

Prototyping and Proof of Concepts
I have worked on over fifty proof of concepts and taken many of these live as beta products with real customers. I can help you flesh out your ideas in a few days or stick around to build something that fits your requirements.

Developer and Team Operations
Maybe you need help getting Boxen working for your team or want to get the most out of GitHub, Heroku or other developer tools.

I can also provide general consultancy, code or architectural reviews either remotely or on-site for you and your team.

Hackathons and other events
Need to run a hackathon? I am an experienced hackathon organiser and can help you with yours anywhere in the world.

Some companies I worked with:
  • The Lab By O2 / Telefonica
  • AT&T
  • NBC Universal
  • Microsoft
  • ITV
  • IBM

What about technologies?

I am a full stack developer and I have experience with:

  • Ruby (inc Rails, Sinatra and CLI tools)
  • Other langauges include PHP, Javascript and various DSL's
  • SQL based DB's including MySQL and Postgres
  • "NoSQL" including Redis, Memcached and MongoDB
  • Telecoms networks and building tools with Twilio etc
  • Puppet, Ansible, Amazon Web Services, Heroku
  • Integrating with all kinds of nice and evil APIs

Want to get in touch

Just drop me an email hireme at kevinprince.me or tweet @kevinprince