I am currently out exploring the world. Here you can find out about my travels, how to hire me or check-out some of my other projects.

Current plans:

  • Early June - Sailing about France on @svellipsis

  • Early June - Wales / Portugal / France

  • Late June - Thailand / Vietnam

  • Early July - Phillipines / Indonesia / Singapore

  • Late July - USA / Canada

Backpacker Telecom

Posted on Jun 15

I have spent the last weekend in Lisbon Portugal after an invite from @sammachin to attend TADHack at the Institute of Superior Technology.

During the hackday I built a little hack to help me stay connected while traveling without breaking the bank...

Some times you just turn back

Posted on Jun 7

The past week has been fun, frustrating and but ultimately some times things are just not supposed to workout when your aboard the good ship SV Ellipsis.

We achieved a few things however

  • Ellipsis is now less hippy and more flammable thanks to...

All change please!

Posted on Mar 31

It’s been almost four years since I joined The Lab at O2. During that time I have worked with amazing people and work on some great projects including “O2 Connect” which went on to be the building blocks for TuGo, O2 MatchDay which end up with a national...